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To make your transition easier, we've created a list of programs & resources at Westmont that we think would be most helpful for you to know about:

Writer's Corner: Upperclassmen strong writers are trained by faculty to help all students with their writing needs. Not sure how to develop a thesis? Need help with organization? Uncertain where even to begin? Feel free to swing by the library (VL 215) any eveing Sunday-Thursday to improve your papers, FREE of charge.

Disability Services: Over 10% of Westmont students use Disability Services in one form or another. Please talk with them to discuss possible academic, physical, and/or emotional accommodations that will equalize the opportunity for you to succeed at Westmont.

Westmont Library: Our library may not be as large as the UCSB library, but our staff is incredible and will help you with any of your researching needs. Westmont also provides the Inter-library Loan service, whereby you can check out a book from any of 10,000 different libraries worldwide, and the book will be sent directly to Voskuyl Library, ready to be picked up!

Library has a help desk: There are reference librarians at the "Help Desk" on the main floor of the library. They are extremely knowledgeable and eager to help all students. Their hours are posted online. They also have an online chat service with the on-call research librarian.

Class Syllabi are posted online

Web Advisor: Web Advisor is the place you go to view which courses are offered in a given semester; this will prepare you to register for classes for the following semester. You can also view your current Class Schedule.

Course booklist search: Search for booklists for the courses for which you're registered.

Academic Calendar: Check out what dates Westmont has off.

Course Catalog: Learn about which majors Westmont offers and which courses make up each major. Here also you will get to learn more about Westmont's philosophy of education, its off campus programs, Student Life program, and so much more.

Office of Life Planning (OLP): Want to refine your resume? Curious about how your unique skill set translates into the professional work environment? Uncertain about life after college? The OLP team is here to walk alongside you and help you navigate these hard (and sometimes, overwhelming) questions.

Health & Counseling Center: Westmont offers free health appointments and counseling sessions to students. The Health & Counseling Center also has a cute therapy dog, Bella.

Chapel Archive: There is a chapel archive online, where ALL chapel speaker's messages are posted. For most messages, the audio is posted, too! Additionally, there's a link to "check chapel attendance."

Capax Dei: The Latin translation of this is "Space For God." These are intentional bible study groups that meet weekly to mediate on Scripture, pray, and grow together in their understanding of God.

Student Leader Positions: Are you interested in developing your leadership skills, enriching Westmont, and getting paid a small amount for it, too? The student leader positions at Westmont are taken very seriously and are a great opportunity to grow as a leader, as a servant of Christ, and as a person.

Westmont Student Life Page: Current Student Page

Horizon: Westmont's student newspaper

Clubs: List of Student Clubs on campus

Map of Campus:

Spring Break mission trips: Not all, but many students participate in Potter's Clay or Urban Initiative.

  • Potter's Clay: Westmont's longest standing mission trip, to Ensenada, Mexico.
  • Urban Initiative: Enage the communities of SB, LA, or SF during the week of Spring Break. You will get to expereince, first hand, struggles of inner-city life that oftentimes go unnoticed.

Emmaus Road: Emmaus Road is a Westmont ministry that provides summer mission trip opportunities around the world.

Take-A-Professor-to-Lunch Program: Westmont's Student Government, WCSA, is proud to sponsor a program that allows students to treat their professors to lunch. This program growns in popularity and demand every year, and is a unique mark of Westmont.

Westmont DANCES (and related all student activities) are a big thing.

Spring Sing: Westmont's longest standing tradition.

Student Holidays

Limited Dining Common (DC) hours during student holidays

Job listings in SB (exclusive to Westmont students) via WestmontLink

Student Employment FAQ's

Financial Aid Office: Westmont offers a considerable amount of finanicial aid. For any inquiries regarding scholarships, loans, etc., please contact the office directly.

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People from around the world travel to Santa Barbara to visit. And you're now living here!

Hiking Trails: Cold Springs Trailhead is a 15-min. walk from capus. Great additional trailheads include Hot Spring trailhead and Tunnel Road Trailhead.

Farmer's Markets in SB: Large open air Market every Saturday (8:30-1p) on E. Cota St. and Santa Barbara St. There is a Tuesday evening Market on State St., as well as a small Market on Coast Vilage, Friday mornings.

Coffee shops in town:

  • Coffee Bean and Starbucks (both on Coast Village. Both very popular by Westmont students. Easy access via Westmont shuttle).
  • Cafe Luna (in Summerland)
  • The Good Cup ( on State St. and another location on the Mesa)
  • Peet's (on upper State)
  • The French Press ( State St.)
  • Santa Barbara Roasting Company (Lower State Street)
  • Handlebar (Canon Perdido St., by State Street).
  • Crushcakes Cucakery & Cafe (Anacapa St., by State Street).

Carrillo Swing Dancing: The 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month there are swing dancing lessons and live music at the Carillo Rec Center.

Fun restaurants: Jeannine's Bakery ( 4 different locations in SB), Flavor of India, Zen Yai, Zaytoon, Los Agaves, Blender's, Sojourner Cafe, Silvergreens

Grocery Stores: Von's, Trader Joe's, Tri-County Market, Ralphs, Fresh Market

Art Show every Sunday by the Pier (Cabrillo St. and State St.)

Churches: Santa Barbara is full of churches! Please click here to get a list of various churches in the area.

"First Thursdays:" The first Thursday of every month, there is a free art walk on State Street. Peruse different art galleries and shops and enjoy the evening.

Rent a paddleboard, surfboard, or kayak: There are various water equipment rental locations throughout Santa Barbara. There is one good one on the Wharf, as well as others in the neighboring vicinity.

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