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Engage at Westmont

intlOk! You are now an official Westmont college student!

With you specifically in mind, we have created a list of resources at Westmont, as well as websites, that we hope you will find useful, practical, and helpful. Please click on the links below to explore them.

If you still have questions, don't be shy--ask! We would love to answer them-- and also, get to know you!

Helpful Resources at Westmont

  1. Westmont's Programs & Resources
  2. Exploring Santa Barbara
  3. 101 Things to Do at Westmont Before You Graduate
  4. Did You Know...? | Westmont History
  5. Insider's Scoop
  6. Tips & Advice from Upperclass International Students at Westmont
  7. Grocery stores in the area
  8. Banks in the area
  9. Transportation
  10. GISA: Westmont's Global and International Student Association
  11. Summer storage
  12. What are other current students at Westmont doing?

Helpful Websites for International Students

  1. ISI (International Students Incorporated), a Christian outreach to international students. There is a great chapter in SB.
  2. Denizen: An online magazine whose mission is to support TCKs'. (GISA's former president, Andy Wood, particularly recommends Steph Yui's article, "A Third Culture's Guide to College.)

A Welcome from Kailie, GISA President

Kailie Grinder, GISA PresidentHello! My name is Kailie.

The story God placed me in is different from most. I was born and raised in Japan until I was sixteen years old, and since then have also lived in Hawai'i and California. With such a multilingual and multicultural upbringing, I've faced questions about my faith, identity and beliefs. Unfortunately, these questions ended up confusing and frustrating me more with the things that made me different from those around me. However, coming to Westmont changed that. Like any new chapter in life, this one brought a lot of hardship and adjustment, but it also surrounded me with amazing students, faculty, and staff as well as opportunities that helped me better understand why God intentionally made me the way that I am. Be prepared for adventure and discovery because my prayerful desire is that Westmont will be a positively life changing time for you, just as it was and continues to be for me. 

Kailie Grinder
2015-16 GISA president