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Prepare for Westmont

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Congratulations on your decision to attend Westmont! In order to make the transition smoother, we've provided some important information that is relevant to you as an incoming student, as well as info. that is specific to you as an international student. We've also included some info. that we hope you'll find helpful as you prepare to embark on your Westmont adventure. We can't wait to meet you. Welcome to Westmont.

All students:

  1. Read First Lecture Book
  2. Take the online safely quiz
  3. Login to your Westmont email/calendar
  4. Complete the academic advising questionnaire
  5. Review registration information
  6. Complete health forms
  7. Complete the modern language exam
  8. Check room assignment
  9. Register for classes
  10. Pay your first bill
  11. Complete Campus Clarity's online prevention course
  12. If you want to work on campus (What you need to bring)

Specific to international students:

  1. Get health insurance
  2. Get required immunizations
  3. Obtain F1 visa
  4. Register for International Orientation
  5. If your parents will be with you during Orientation events, encourage them to register for Parent Orientation

Optional (but we think will be very helpful!) info.:

  1. How to get to campus from airport or train station
  2. Explore the Orientation Schedules below
  3. View the dorm room layouts here
  4. Get a head start:
    1. Learn What's What on Campus: Campus Map
    2. Learn what banks exist
    3. Meet some of your support team
    4. Get more info from the International Student Services office

Orientation Schedules

KahoBelow are links to last year's International Student Orientation schedule, last year's All New Student Orientation schedule, as well as highlights of this Fall's International Student Orientation Schedule. Please feel free to look at these--to whet your appetite as you prepare for life at Westmont.

Speaking of preparing yourself, mark your calendars for August 22nd; this is the date you get to move into your dorm room!

Remember, International Student Orientation begins on Monday, August 22nd and goes through Thursday, August 25th. (All international students are required to attend; this should be an extremely helpful time for you all!)

Directly following International Student Orientation is New Student Orientation, Thursday, August 25th - Sunday, August 28th. (All new students are required to attend).

And directly following that, your FIRST semester at Westmont begins!

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Orientation Schedule

2016 International Student Orientation Schedule: 8/22/16-8/25/2016

2016 Orientation Schedule : 8/25/16-8/29/16