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Prepare for Westmont


You have chosen Westmont. Congratulations!

While you and Freshmen will both be new to the campus, we recognize you have different needs.

Below is a list of REQUIRED actions to take that will help you transition well to Westmont.

  1. Read First Lecture Book
  2. Take online safety quiz
  3. Login to your Westmont email/calendar
  4. Complete the academic advising questionnaire
  5. Review registration information
  6. Complete health forms
  7. Complete the modern language exam
  8. Check room assignment
  9. Register for classes
  10. Pay your first bill
  11. Complete Campus Clarity's online prevention course

Below are some additional resources to peruse, that we hope you will find helpful:

  1. How to Transition Well
  2. If you want to work on campus (What you need to bring)
  3. How to Pack
  4. Diversity at Westmont
  5. Information about Purchasing Textbooks
  6. What the Chronicle of Higher Education has to say about the transfer student adjustment
  7. Link to FAQs for all incoming students

Orientation Schedules for Transfer students

Transfers are expected to attend all new student Orientation sessions. In addition, there are a few special sessions for transfer students only.

The full Fall 2017 Schedule will be published soon. Until it does, feel free to get a taste of Orientation by checking out an abbreviated schedule and last year's schedule:

Fall Orientation Abbreviated Schedule (Fall 2016):

move in day