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Transfer Support Team

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We're eager to support you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one or more of the following people:

Mike McKinniss (your Transfer Admissions Counselor. Although you probably know him the best of these people, his expertise is in the Admissions process. Please contact your other supporters first, but please know he'd be happy to talk with you.): mmckinniss@westmont.edu

Melissa Caiazza (Assistant Registrar. She will help you with transfer credit processing inquiries): mcaiazza@westmont.edu

Angela D'Amour (the Director of Campus Life. She directs Orientation, oversees the student leader development program, and is deeply concerned about your well being and growth as a person at Westmont): adamour@westmont.edu

Barb Pointer (the Director of Off Campus Programs. She can help you figure out if a semester-long-- or a summer month-long-- study abroad opportunity is a feasible and beneficial option for you): bpointer@westmont.edu

Molly Riley (the Instructional and Research Services Librarian. She'd be happy to assist with your research project inquiries.): mriley@westmont.edu

Sheri Noble ( the Director of Disability Services--"Academic Services" at various other institutions. She can sit with you to discuss accommodations, as well as educational strategies, that will equalize your opportunity to succeed at Westmont): snoble@westmont.edu

Your RDs: Feel free to call on them. They're here for you.

Your RAs: Westmont is known for its community. The RA process is very selective, and your RAs truly want to get to know you.