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Parent Support Net

Parent Support Net - February 2017

teriDear Parents,

How can it be February already? Winter at Westmont has brought relief from the drought with skies opening up and showering the blessing of rain on our parched land.  The rainy season has its own beauty on campus with long-forgotten streams babbling gently and bringing refreshment.

Our life in Christ sometimes needs refreshing when we experience personal drought and wonder if our thirst will be quenched. In time, God showers the blessing of his presence and encouragement in new ways that replenish our soul.

I see this cycle of drought and refreshment in your students, and we’re privileged to stand with them in times of both plenty and want. In the midst of the busyness of the semester, they may feel a need to be sustained through it all. You can pray for them as we do that God will drench their spirit with His and allow them to see the fruits of their hard work.

As always, we count it a privilege to share this journey with you. We’re so grateful that you’ve entrusted your wonderful sons and daughters to us. We seek to lead them to the source of the true Living Water.

We look forward to seeing you at Parents Weekend, March 31-April 1.


Teri Bradford Rouse ’77

Senior Director of Alumni and Parent Relations

Many Exciting Off-Campus Study Opportunities

studentsYour student can choose from numerous opportunities to study off campus. This May, students can participate in two international Mayterm courses:

  • London Theatre Mayterm (British Isles and Ireland) 
  • Europe Kinesiology Mayterm (British Isles, Germany, and Ireland)

In fall 2017, students may participate in Westmont in Mexico, Europe Semester, Westmont in Northern Europe, and Global Health Uganda.

Instead of Westmont in Istanbul during the 2018 spring semester, Westmont will offer Westmont in Cairo. Students may begin applying for this program in the next few weeks.

Westmont in San Francisco and Westmont Downtown offer programs every semester. Students may also attend some programs that Westmont approves but doesn’t operate.

Will you pray for our students enrolled in off-campus programs? This semester 23 students are studying with religious studies professor Bruce Fisk and alumna Jenny Martinez at Westmont in Jerusalem. The group began in Jordan but will spend most of their remaining time in Israel/Palestine with brief trips to Jordan and Egypt. They return April 29.

Application deadlines for all Westmont international programs typically occur about a year in advance. For more details and application deadlines, check the specific links above as well as Off-Campus Programs for more information. You may also contact ocp@westmont.edu.


Trailhead Offers Programs to High School Students

Paul BradfordWestmont’s Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts offers two pre-college programs for high school students next summer: Trailhead: Seeking God’s Call, a new course for students interested in exploring the concept and content of vocation, and Westmont Summer Scholars, which provides a glimpse of undergraduate life through a full-credit college course and residence-life experience.

Trailhead: Seeking God’s Call

Young adults have times when they might discern what God is calling them to do and be. But most of us fail to really discern or to decide; we just follow the path our culture and peer group prescribe as we attend college, choose a major, and begin a career. What would it mean to really explore the possibilities for our lives from the perspective of faith?

We’re pleased to announce Trailhead: Seeking God's Call, a vocational exploration program for high school youth ready to embark on a life of significance. Designed by Westmont’s Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts and supported by the Lilly Endowment, Trailhead assembles Westmont faculty and community partners—professionals in business, nonprofits and the ministry—to help young people consider how their abilities and passions meet in a true vocation. If you know rising high school students (sophomores through seniors) who would like to spend two weeks next summer thinking about God’s leading in their lives, head to westmont.edu/trailhead to learn more about this exciting new program.

Westmont Summer Scholars

Rising high school seniors and incoming undergraduates experience three weeks of learning, growth, new friends and fun during Westmont Summer Scholars. Students experience college-level academics and complete a four-unit Westmont General Education course. The small class size with seminar-style learning gives students close interaction with professors and fellow students. Students also experience college life as they stay in Van Kampen Hall, eat in the Dining Commons, enjoy Westmont’s great recreational facilities and explore the beautiful Santa Barbara region. Rising seniors receive expert guidance on the college search and application process from experienced admissions professionals. The 2017 program takes place June 19-July 7. Learn more at westmont.edu/summerscholars.


Subscribe to the Horizon

horizonHello, Westmont Parents

We invite you to subscribe to the Horizon, our student newspaper. Sign up soon to receive all the issues for this semester. You’ll get copies of the issues already distributed this spring and then weekly issues as they appear.

Topurchase a semester subscription to the paper for $40 (a total of 10 issues), please sign up on our website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at horizon@westmont.edu or get in touch with Angela Lowe, student life assistant, at anlowe@westmont.edu.

Thank you so much! We look forward to a great semester.


Cole Eberwein, editor-in-chief, and Nathan Tarr, managing editor


Cake. Did someone say CAKE?

cakeWould you like to send your student a surprise cake? The student-led Potter’s Clay core team will deliver cakes for any celebratoryoccasion. Order a freshly made cake, and the team will deliver it on the date you specify. Choose from vanilla, chocolate fudge, strawberry, red velvet, funfetti or fudge marble. Cakes cost $20 each and include a personalized message. Please order no later than three days before your student’s birthday or special date to ensure a timely delivery. The program ends in April 2017. Surprise your student with a cake for his/her half birthday or for completing a difficult test. Just think of all the occasions you might want to celebrate or the ways you can support your student. Order now for upcoming birthdays and special occasions.


Martin Institute Dallas Willard Center

Drawing Closer to God

Gary W. Moon, executive director of the Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center, says that Dallas Willard believed God is present in a real sense and that when you talk with him a two-way conversation is possible. The institute and center encourage students and the Westmont community to grow spiritually and deepen their life with God. As part of their work, the institute and center will contribute brief devotionals for this newsletter.

How do you see God? Our image of God is very important. Is your view of God one you naturally run toward or away from? Distorted, dysfunctional views of God can be a real problem. Read Luke 15:11-32 and ask God to color in or redraw your picture of him.

For more resources, see the Dallas Willard Center website, where you will find video medications and devotionals.


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