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2016 Speaker: David Brooks

7 a.m., Friday, March 4, 2016
Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort
Doors open at 6:30 a.m.

This event has SOLD OUT.

David BrooksA witty and astute commentator on politics and society, David Brooks has focused on character and commitment in his best-selling book The Road to Character. He explores the journey to a deeper inner life and explains why selflessness leads to greater success. Responding to what he calls the culture of the Big Me, which emphasizes external success, Brooks challenges us, and himself, to rebalance the scales between our “résumé virtues”—achieving wealth, fame, and status—and our “eulogy virtues” that exist at the core of our being: kindness, bravery, honesty, or faithfulness. Humor, insight and quiet passion characterize his observations about the American way of life.

One of America’s most prominent political commentators, he writes a bi-weekly op-ed column for the New York Times and regularly appears on PBS NewsHour and National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. His previous books include The Social Animal, On Paradise Drive, and Bobos in Paradise. Brooks worked at the Wall Street Journal for nine years and has written for the New Yorker, Forbes, the Washington Post, and many other periodicals. A graduate of the University of Chicago, he has taught at Duke University and teaches a global affairs course on humility at Yale University.