Academic Senate Meeting

October 1, 2010


Members present:  Leonor Elias, Jane Highstreet (wcsa), Bob Kuntz, David Marten,
Laura Montgomery, Andrew Mullen, Tatiana Nazarenko, Richard Pointer, Marianne Robins,
Warren Rogers (chair), Susan Savage, and Paul Willis.


Others present:  Chris Hoeckley


Members Absent:  Brenda Smith


1.   The minutes of the 9/17/2010 meeting were approved.


2.   Revised listing of courses that include diversity or cross-cultural related content


Last year students requested that information be published about courses with diversity content.


Motion:  Withdraw this document because it is not what students want and charge Jane Highstreet and two or three faculty members to find out what students want and report back to the Senate by December with a draft proposal that contains what students want.


The motion received unanimous approval.


3.   Proposal from the Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts



Introduce Westmont to high-achieving prospective students.

Encourage growth in international student enrollment.

Create a new revenue stream consistent with Westmonts core mission.


Chris Hoeckley reviewed the proposal, entertained questions, and facilitated the following discussion:

         Concern was expressed about the value of college credit earned in high school.

         There are readiness and developmental issues with regard to high school students.

         International students may need more Student Life support.

         The language skill of international students is of concern.

         Concern was expressed about the cost of the program and how it would limit who would be able to enroll.  Chris anticipates that scholarship money will be available.

         The scale of the program is such that one can envision a foundation or a donor coming alongside.  There would be a parallel track--look for funding while developing the program.

         How will the program be advertised and what is the proposed selection process?  Chris stated that Joyce Luy has a data base of international students from which we do not currently recruit heavily.  It is also anticipated that we would seek outside marketing assistance.

         Because MKs arent able to take AP courses this program could be attractive to them.

         The Admission Office could provide an important college planning component to the program.

         Four different professors over four weeks could be problematic.  However, team teaching would be cost-prohibitive.

         Does the faculty have the capacity to take this on?

         Do science faculty even have the time to devote to this?




         This program is attractive because the break between Mayterm and the start of this program would provide time to rest up.

         The commitment of only one week is attractive and the proposed compensation is attractive.

         Would this program only be open to full time faculty?

         Teaching would be by invitation.  Younger faculty may want and (financially) need to participate in this program but they need to spend time developing their expertise in their discipline.

         The program would expose students to a Christian Liberal Arts education.  It would be very worthwhile whether or not they end up coming to Westmont.  We could make a case for the program on this basis alone.

         What is the value added by doing this at Westmont?  There are a number of reasons to come to Westmont for a program like this versus other places.


4.   Handbook language discussion for newly constituted Senate

Deferred to a future meeting.

Respectfully submitted,


Bob Kuntz