Asher Littlejohn

Orientation Team

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

Hometown: South Orange County, CA

What is one resource new students should know about? The 955. It is extremely convenient, especially when those in a pickle need a free ride somewhere (I may or may not have been in that situation—lol).

Favorite class and why? My favorite class so far was calculus. It was thought-provoking in the sense that I was required to formulate different approaches to a single solution.

What should students bring to campus and what should they NOT bring? They should definitely bring tape. Tape is one of those things one thinks one won’t need but somehow ends up being a prized commodity. As for personal reading items, they shouldn’t plan on bringing their whole library—books/mags take up a lot of room, and both space and spare time are a scarcity as a college student.