Bailey Mueller

Orientation Team

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: San Diego, CA

What is one campus resource new students should know about:?  Uhhh so many! Career Development and Calling for anyone who is even a little confused about their future. YOUR RA!! I did not expect to become so close with mine, but she is an awesome human and I'm so glad I get to call her my friend. Office hours and Take a Professor to Lunch. I didn't use these resources nearly enough my first year, but they offer great opportunities to get to know your professors.

What is your favorite class?  Perspectives on World History with Dr. Chapman or Gen. Chem II with Dr. Haines and Dr. Everest. These are two of the hardest classes I've taken at Westmont, but they were also the most rewarding. History because Dr. Chapman is a very engaging professor and he challenges you to think differently about the world. I can truly say his class has changed the way I think about global relations/conflicts. Chemistry because both Dr. Haines' and Dr. Everest's passion for the subject, and desire to help every student understand the material cemented my passion for chemistry and my decision to major in biochem. Also, nothing helps an 8am lab like Dr. Everest's dad jokes.

What should new students bring and what should they NOT bring?  Bring: A fan, Command strips! SNACKS!!! When it's 2am and you've been studying for 5 hours, you will want them. Bring your warm clothes! I was not expecting Santa Barbara to get cold so I didn't bring any...I had a rough couple weeks waiting for break so I could go home and get them. Don't bring: a Brita water pitcher. I didn't use mine a single time. Real plants...there is still debate between my roommate and I about whether the lack of sun or water killed mine (it was the sun!!!). ANYWAY, one of the above will probably kill yours too. That shirt in the back of your closet that you haven't touched in a year.