Karen Andrews, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Urban Studies and English
(415) 931-2460

Office Location

Westmont San Francisco

Clunie House, 301 Lyon St., San Francisco, CA 94117



Karen has taught Urban Studies, English electives and Independent Studies tutorials on Westmont in San Francisco since Fall 1997. A native of Southern California and alumna of Westmont College (’83), Karen previously taught in the English department at Westmont, and on England Semester 1994 with Professor Steve Cook. Prior to returning to her alma mater in the mid-1990s, Karen taught at various institutions such as Azusa Pacific University, Harvey Mudd College, and Kobe College—a women’s college in Kobe, Japan.

Together with her young son, Karen lives in the Bernal Heights neighborhood here in San Francisco.  She is devoted to parenting, teaching, and pursuing God's truth and beauty through literature and the arts. In her teaching and writing, she highlights the voices of those who are silenced and marginalized. She treasures relationships with family and friends, especially sharing meaningful conversation over meals. Karen typically spends her leisure time reading, walking, playing with her son, watching movies, listening to music, thinking, praying, writing, conversing with friends and enjoying the simple pleasures—like a good cup of tea.