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  • Where Gratitude Leaves Us

    We use the word “gratefulness” during the fall as Thanksgiving approaches. We remember the things we’re grateful for. And yet, I find it challenging to take a stance of gratitude during times of stress or emotional pain. I believe that the more vulnerable we become about how we’re feeling, the more we’re able to internalise our mental state. 

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  • Space to Breathe: The Value of Rest

    It’s that time of year again: the energy in the DC is a bit lacking; the STEM majors wander around campus with huge textbooks and stressed facial expressions; and the most common response to “How are you?” changes from “good” to “tired.” It is, in the words of one of my friends, “Midterm Madness.”

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Packing Like a Minimalist

    Most college packing guides feature long lists of things you’ll need without explaining why they’re useful. This particular list is not a perfect guide, but it includes the functional and essential things--with a short description of their usefulness. Ideally, I find that when you are packing it is best to organize by utility. 

    Hopefully this clothing list will help narrow down what you actually wear on a daily basis.

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  • DC: Delightful Creations

    Choosing to eat healthy can be hard when it comes to the DC. I know I have eaten just a plate of french fries when there was a potato bar for dinner. I understand when you just aren’t feeling it and you decide to sadly shuffle over to make yourself a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch; but fear not, for I have the perfect solution to your potato problems. 

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  • 8 Unexpected Things to Pack for Westmont

    1. Rain gear
      • Bring an umbrella and waterproof shoes at the very least, and consider a rain jacket (it might help keep your backpack dry, which is always a challenge). It WILL rain, and you WILL be very sad if you don’t have any of these things. Westmont is not built for rain, and all the paths instantly turn into rivers.
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  • The Beginning After the End

    T.S. Eliot once wrote, “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” My cohort and I discovered this quote during our final weeks abroad this past Fall. We were warned that, coming back to Westmont College, we’d notice things we had never noticed before and see things in a far clearer light. To be honest with you, I was not optimistic about the clarity I would have, as I figured I would experience a distaste for our culture upon my return.

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