The Course

This 4-unit course examines "the nature and attributes of God, with emphasis on the Trinity and the deity of Christ" (Undergraduate Catalog). We will study God particularly through the creeds and formulas of the confessing Church. The course helps fulfill the theological/historical studies emphasis of the religious studies major, and the systematic theology upper-division elective of both the major and the minor. Of the General Education requirements, it meets the Writing for the Liberal Arts, Writing outside the Major, or Writing within the Major component. Introduction to Christian Doctrine (rs20) is a formal prerequisite.

The doctrine of God lies at the center of systematic theology, and thus of our theological project. Christians identify the God of Jesus Christ with the God of Israel. We name him Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We will explore the broad shape of Christian theologies of God and doctrines of the Trinity, scrutinize biblical sources and explore biblical dynamics, review patristic, medieval, Reformation, modern, and contemporary theological trajectories, attend to the spiritual, ecclesial, and missionary implications for us of who God is, and treat ourselves to some of the best contemporary theology being written in the Protestant and Catholic traditions.

Rules of the Game
A Few (Strong) Suggestions on Essay Writing
Pointers for Presentations
Peer Review Guidelines
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