Reflection on Original Theology

This assignment is really a preliminary part of a later assignment. It is an opportunity for you to articulate your own "theology proper" (doctrine of God) as it is at the beginning of our course. Imagine someone who knew you, but not very well, asked you the following questions. Then answer them in the space provided:

Who is God?

What is God like?

How do you know both of these things?

What is the relationship between these beliefs and your other Christian beliefs, if any?

How would your life be different if your answers were different? In other words, what is at stake in your particular answers to these questions?

How are your answers significantly different from the answers of two of the following groups: (a) Jews, (b) Muslims, (c) Mormons, (d) other Christians, (e) Deists, and/or (f) agnostics?

What is the relationship between who God is and who you are?

This is the only assignment that will not ask you to draw substantively on the course materials. Your grade on this assignment will only be a 'check' (acceptable) or 'U' ('unacceptable'). Enjoy your freedom while it lasts.

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