Owen Marcus

Admissions Counselor

Office Location

Office of Admissions, Kerrwood Hall


Hometown: Orange County, Calif.

College Attended: Westmont College, '21

Degree: B.A. in History


Favorite Aspect of Westmont: My favorite aspect of Westmont is the culmination of people that are brought together on campus with each freshman class. No person is the same and brings their unique experiences and adventures to share with their peers. These differences are what shapes Westmont and I love meeting new people that introduce me to viewing the world through their eyes.

Favorite Westmont Memory: My favorite memory of Westmont would be my time I studied “abroad” in San Francisco with the Urban Program. The faculty that runs the program as well as the professors who came to teach at the house are all so friendly and helped shape a different perspective of Westmont and the role that it plays in the global community. I was also able to branch out of my comfort zone and take on an internship at the Public Defenders Office of San Francisco with the Investigative Unit. This helped shape a completely new perspective of not only the city, but also the justice system.I was able to learn about something completely new and why I should care about it. I encourage you to attend the program whether it is over the summer or if you want to try something outside of Santa Barbara, but still within the comforts of California!

Favorite Place on Campus: My favorite place in Westmont's campus would be the view from the deck behind the screen printing building in the early mornings. You are able to see the Channel Islands suspended in blue and orange hues from the ocean and sky...simply magical!

Why do you work at Westmont: I come from a legacy stretching back 14 family members! It’s easy to say that I knew that Westmont was the place for me to be, and so it was the only college that I applied to. I loved my four years on campus and the challenges it presented through natural disasters and how the college itself was able to rise above and help the community rebuild. So it only makes sense that I am blessed enough to work for Westmont and I am presented with the unique opportunity to help build bridges for others to come and find the wonderful experience that I found as well!

Hobbies: My most recent hobby that I have picked up is the surf mat, the most technical and fastest way to ride the waves. I love watching movies, my favorites include the Wes Anderson films, Star Wars, Marvel, How to Train Your Dragon, and Surfs Up! I also love road trips and being outdoors. The best way to connect with the outdoors is to enter into it with a child-like sense of wonder. One of my favorite ways to do this is through fly fishing. I was able to write my senior research paper on the history of fly fishing in America, so even though I might not get to physically fish as much as I would like, I still get to enjoy reading about the deep roots it has in history.