Michael Kong

Orientation Team

Hometown: Gilroy, CA

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience and Cellular and Molecular Biology 

What is one campus resource you think new students should know about? Munch money (with a full meal plan, which all Freshmen have, you get $180 of munch money which you can spend at Ritchie's! Most people don't know they have this and the money goes to waste.)

Favorite class and why? Intro to Sociology: This was my absolute favorite class because it inspired me to embrace my own racial identity and have the tools to participate confidently in conversations around diversity and inclusion on campus. These are super important topics that I've been scared of or apathetic toward for a while, but this class challenged me to not ignore them anymore while inspiring me to ask my own questions and figure out the answers for myself. My professor also brought her dog sometimes and had snacks when I needed them most, so that was nice.

What should new students bring to campus and what should they NOT bring? Bring: an open and humble mind, fan, speaker, some kind of lights (string or strip lights), posters or pictures for your wall, duct tape or super glue (to fix random things that break or to put old textbooks back together), cleaning wipes, extra looseleaf paper, board games/cards. Don't bring: a bad attitude or more clothes than you need.