Carrisa Corrigan

Orientation Team

Major: Music Education

Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

What is one resource students should know about?  The Take A Professor to Lunch program is a great way to get to know your professors! All you have to do is fill out an online form on the Take A Professor to Lunch website, print out your confirmation email or show it on your phone when you enter the DC, and you and your professor can get to know each other over a meal in the DC. It's a great way to get to know your professors outside of class!

Favorite class and why?  Music for Children was so much fun! The class is formatted as experiential learning, so you learn about teaching children by singing the songs and playing the games yourself. Laura Walter is such an amazing professor and I learned so much about children, teaching music, and interpersonal connections.

What should people bring and what should they NOT bring?  Students should definitely bring a fan (for the first few months, it is very necessary), a mug (Westmont has a lot of Bring Your Own Mug events), Command Strips (if you want to hang anything on the walls, these are a must! Also, Command Hooks are a great way to maximize your wall space for hanging bags or jackets), a surge protector power strip (you'll have a lot of chords to plug in, so surge protector power strips turn one outlet into many outlets). Also, it's probably a good idea to have one pair of nicer flats to wear for dressier events (it's not fun walking around Westmont in heels). Students shouldn't bring a printer (you can print in the library and have $25 of free printing money per semester).