Shaelyn (Shae) Caragher

Orientation Team

Major: Social Science - Sociology

Hometown: Altadena, CA

What is one resource students should know about? Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Favorite class and why? Oooo that's a hard question - I've truly been so blessed with some phenomenal classes! A few stand out to me - Old Testament with Dr. Richter, New Testament with Dr. Reeder, and my entire Westmont downtown program. New Testament was my first religious studies (RS) class and I was so NOT excited to be in any RS classes. Dr. Reeder was phenomenal and opened up my eyes so much to God's word. I still remember all that I learned from that class! Dr. Richter became such an important mentor in my life and patiently listened to all my questions. She is phenomenal and I learned so much not only about OT but also life in general. Then, the Westmont Downtown program was just such a life-changer. It taught me so much about being a human being in the world and communication, what I like, how I work, and about myself in general. It was such a gift and I think everyone should do it!

What should people bring and what should they NOT bring?  Bring cutlery, plates, mugs etc. for those times where the DC is just too far. Also lots of photos - it sounds basic but those really make the dorm room home. Bring a desk lamp! That saved my life a few times. Bring a shower caddy for sure - that also helped me out tons! Don't bring your entire closet - I definitely did that freshmen year and I had SO much stuff. It was ridiculous and I wore maybe 30% of it. Also, really pay attention to what they tell you not to bring (ie. heaters, microwaves etc) Oh and don't bring a printer - you really, REALLY don't need it.