Winston Gee

Orientation Team

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Major: Chemistry and Math

What is one resource new students should know about? The Westmont Garden, located below the track, is an unhurried place to rest and delight in creation. Another resource for unwinding in nature is a trail that loops around the entire campus, generously maintained by Professor Paul Willis. One can most easily access the trail from the garden or between Emerson and Page.

Favorite class and why? It’s really hard to choose, so here are a few: Perspectives on World History with Dr. Chapman, Organic Chemistry with Dr. Silberstein, Probability and Statistics with Dr. Rosentrater, Intro to Old Testament with Dr. Richter, Physical Chemistry with Dr. Everest

What should students bring to campus and what should they NOT bring? One or two of your favorite books are worth bringing for the comfort of light reading, but more books become burdensome; classes will provide plenty of other good reading! Your favorite card or board game are great ways to enjoying meeting new friends. Also, a sleeping bag and rain jacket are advantageous more frequently than you may expect.