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Still Strong: Westmont's Commitment to Justice, Reconciliation, and Diversity

Throughout the summer and the academic year, Westmont has sought to engage in the national conversation regarding issues of race and diversity from a gospel-centered perspective.

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A 50-Year Urban Adventure

The San Francisco Urban Internship Program (now Westmont in San Francisco, WSF) began with a pilot program in spring 1971, and the semester launched officially in fall 1972. "This is education through encounter. It permits the student to become more and more an agent instead of a passive recipient of his education. Such transactions between students and society in the raw become exciting for both student and professor."

COVE Helps Students Launch Their Lives After Westmont

“We start by helping students understand and articulate how they’re wired through various personality assessments that can help them interact better with friends, classmates and coworkers. We help students build a framework for thinking about what’s next and can guide them to evaluate choosing a major, nailing their resume and LinkedIn profile, pursuing two or more internships and landing a meaningful job—or applying to graduate school after college.”