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Forward in Faithfulness: 85 Years of Westmont

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As we celebrate Westmont’s 85th anniversary, we honor two visionaries whose foresight and commitment continue to shape and inspire our community: Ruth Kerr and Wallace Emerson. Kerr helped found the college and supported it financially. Emerson served as the first president of Westmont and implemented his vision for an academically excellent Christian liberal arts college.

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How I Graduated from Westmont

I shouldn’t have been able to go to Westmont.

It was way too expensive — the dream of a 16-year-old kid who didn’t yet have a full grasp on reality.

I envisioned telling my story for four years. This moment got me through college: imagining my future self, married, with a college degree from Westmont in a frame on my desk.

Tom's Targum

N. T. Wright’s The Kingdom New Testament: A Contemporary Translation

By Robert H. Gundry, Ph.D., Scholar-In-Residence at Westmont

How My Westmont Education Led Me to Lifestyle Medicine

I began my medical career practicing emergency medicine at Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center (LA County), one of the busiest trauma centers in the country. We called it the Knife and Gun Club — the military sent medics to train there because it represented the closest approximation to warfare on U.S. soil. One pivotal patient encounter there involved nothing so violent, yet it was equally devastating and far more common: a cardiac arrest.